DENTI DI PIRAJNO A Grave for a Dolphin.

↗ 1930 ↘ ?

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L’édition originale est de 1956. L’auteur a rédigé cet ouvrage en anglais

The Material for this book came from the writer’s experience as a doctor and administrator in Italy’s former African colonies. Children, animals and magic are the main themes. The author has in a high degree the quality of a born story teller. Whether they are amusing, touching or tall, they are all delightful; and even the strangest of them is more true to Africa in atmosphere and feeling than many a sober treatise. The Duke Alberto Denti di Pirajno wrote this book not in his native Italian but in English: a gesture to celebrate his pleasure at revisiting this country for the first time since 1939.

source: 4ème de couverture.