DUNCKLEY Eight Years in Abyssinia.

↗ ~1926 ↘ ~1934

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Wife of Reuter’s correspondent in Addis Ababa, Mrs. Dunckley has spent many interesting years in Abyssinia. She knows the people and their customs, not from a short visit, or even a protracted tour, but from long association with the country. The author has used to advantage her unique opportunities for making a study of the native character and an outline in this country upon which so much atten­tion is now focused, and her account of everyday life in the capital makes thoroughly entertaining reading. She writes vividly of the Emperor’s coro­nation, and the Duke of Gloucester’s visit, and has a great deal of new information about commerce, trans­port, the slave traffic, and about the religion and marriage customs of Abyssinia. While being of particular interest to women by way of its point of view and its fascinating details of housekeeping and domestic conditions in a foreign country, its appeal will be wide, and it will have a decided attraction for all those who wish to see the more personal side of a country that is faced with so tragic a situation.

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