FRASER & PEDERSEN Love, Siri and Ebba.

↗ ? ↘ ? (années 1970)

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. . . And so they were off.

Two weeks before in a crowded smoke-filled room in Copenhagen Siri asked “Who’ll come with me to Ethiopia?” “I will,” replied Ebba—that was their first meeting and they haven’t looked back.

Siri Fraser is from Australia where she worked longest for a picture framer and restorer—now she’s a silversmith. She’s travelled rough before—overland through the East— and lived in London and Copenhagen.

Ebba Pedersen comes from Copenhagen though she writes ‘Nomad’ for her address since she also has lived in many places including London. She’s worked as a student nurse; cleaning hospitals, and bottling beer at Carlsberg’s.

I never intended to publish anyone else’s book, but Siri and Ebba aren’t just anyone to me; besides, their amazing trek started and ended at my flat.

Nicholas Saunders