FUERTES Arti- and Naturalist in Ethiopia.

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A day-by-day account of the 1926 Field Museum Zoological Expedition to Ethiopia. The color plates by Fuertes are superb.


This is the story of a scientific ex­pedition to Ethiopia undertaken before the eyes of the world were focussed on that remote country. It is told in the combined diaries of two friends: Louis Agassiz Fuertes, probably one of the greatest of naturalist painters, and Wilfred Hud­son Osgood, Curator of Zoology at the Field Museum and leader of the Ethiopian Expedition. Their narrative is by no means restricted to the recording of the interesting specimens they identified on the long treks by caravan through the wild back-country which led them far from Addis Ababa and the Court of Ethiopia. For it gives a unique picture of a country and a civilization which has remained in part pastoral, in part medieval and which seems destined to lose its native pomp, circumstance and squalor under the heel of Italy.

The full-color lithographic plates of Fuertes’ unrivalled paintings from life, reproduced here, were loaned by the Field Museum in Chicago where the originals are to be seen. The scientific value and the story- of adventure which the diaries tell, and the accuracy and beauty of the illustrations, combine to make this volume an enthralling and beautiful posses­sion.

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