JENNINGS With the Abyssinians in Somaliland.

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With a preface by Colonel Rochfort and 65 illustrations from photographs taken by Major Jennings and a map.

Bound in maroon linen hardboards with a gilt camel motif and gilt lettering on the spine. Good condition.  Both boards firmly attached and no loose or missing pages but a few scuffs to the edges of the boards.

The authors has an opportunity to participate in the campaign of 1903-04 against the Mad Mullah in Somaliland, serving as medical officers in the Abyssinian army, which co-operated with the Britisch force. The description of the new railroad from Jibuti, of the town of Harrar, former forbidden to non-Mohammedans, and the military organisation of the Abyssinians and heir methods of carrying on a campaigns, is of novel interest, and much of the book is about a country and people that have not yet been thorougly studied. (srce: review by the Bull. of the Americian Geography Society, vol 38, N° 4 (1906), p. 270.)