MURRAY JACOBY On Special Mission to Abyssinia.

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The author writes of her experiences in Abyssiania (Ethiopia) when her husband was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary by President Herbert Hoover. A detail of the coronation of Haile Sellassie and a full description of the celebration that ensued. It was three years later that Mussolini invaded the country for three brutal years..
An exciting tale of Ras Teferi’s Crowning as Neguse Negest (Emperor) Haile Selassie. Mrs Jacoby, wife of the American Special Ambassador to the ceremony describes coronation week of 1930 accompanied with her camera. Unfortunately there is no photograph of the actual coronation but there is a photo of the dignitaries in St. George’s Church. Ras Guksa with a crown on his head is seated right next to the Ambassador. Illustrated with 33 black and white photographs including Princess Sehai as a student in Switzerland and the Kantiba Gabru family, mayor of Addis Abeba. Of course the late night parties are described with interesting details. This book may be of value to historians.

source: bookseller’s description of the book.