NEWMAN The New Abyssinia.

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THIS is a delightful and absorbing story of the first journey of a British subject, accompanied by his wife, through all parts of the immense territory now known as Italian East Africa. It is essentially a travel book, packed with incidents and with vivid descriptions of people, places and things. But the author also reveals as he goes along the conditions of the country and people as lie saw them.

From the rugged mountains of northern Abyssinia we are taken to Gondar and Lake Tana, to Addis Abeba, and to the great fertile regions of the south-west. We are fold about the beauty of the Lakes the lure of the Somali coast, and the scorching desert of the Ogaden. We are then brought back to the Red Sea ports by the way of Harar and Djibuti. It is a story of journeys by sea, road, air, mule-tracks and rail, and there is always some entirely new interest in store.

As Major Polson Newman is well known as a traveller and an unbiased expert in foreign affairs, his observations are of special value at the present time. So far this is the only reliable British account of what has been happening in Abyssinia since the war, and it is based on actual experience.

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