NURSE A Journey Through Part of Somali-Land

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Original condition with blue wrappers, titles to front, and containing all the ads. This is a complete issue, seldom found in such good and original condition. The author recounts a British expedition, which had an unusual objective of putting an end to intertribal raids. He comments on relationships between the Somalis and Arabs, and on organized peace negotiations between tribes. A wonderfully detailed fold-out colour map shows the author’s route from Dunkaraita inland and back to Bulhar on coast of the Gulf of Aden. This route was previously uncharted, and Bulhar was the only village or permanent settlement on its course.


Le Lieutenant Charles G. Nurse accompagne le Colonel Stace dans le Somali-land, escorté de 30 hommes pour faire cesser des raides dans les environs des ports de Berbera, Zeila et Bulhar. Une carte illustre la route de l’auteur de Dunkaraita à Bulhar en passant par Ossuli, Kabri Bahr, Biji, Kabilleh.

Extrait: “Although a British protectorate has existed in Somali-land since the evacuation of the country by Egypt in 1884-5, and Indian troops are stationed at three places on the coast, the country is not nearly so well known as it should be. Although several shooting parties have visited the country near Berbera, little or nothing has been placed on record regarding the country and tribes visited by them. Mr. James’ Book, ‘The Unknown Horn of Africa,’ gives an account of a journey into almost unknown territory to the south-east of Berbera, yet it does not deal with the country between Berbera and Zeila, which is more subject to British influence than any other part.” Fin de l’extrait.

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