PEEL Somaliland.

↗ 1895 ↘ 1897

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Corners of boards bumped, some light foxing to endpapers and frontis, gift inscription on half-title page, front hinge a little weak but binding otherwise sound, all plates and map present. Contents clean and tidy.

Le récit de Peel est intemporel. La première expédition a probablement eu lieu en 1895 et la seconde en 1897.

An excellent sporting title, this features all manner of big game hunting in the regions southwest of Hargeisa on Peel’s first expedition, then through the Haud and Ogaden on his second. The author’s hunting party bagged gazelle, rhinoceros, hartebeest, lion, oryx and lesser kudu, as well as experiencing some hair raising encounters with leopards. The rhino Peel bagged was hit eleven time and severely injured a gun bearer before finally succumbing. (Czech, Bibliography of African Big Game Hunting Books.)

PART I. FIRST EXPEDITION.; Aden—Porpoises and dolphins—Arrival at Berbera—Young lioness —Shooting parties—Scarcity of camels—Getting together a caravan—European compound of Berbera; Start for the jungle—An obstinate camel—’ Owl’ gazelle—Rock rabbits—Programme of the day—Arrival at Hargaisa—Abundance of game—Catching butterflies—Game on the Saylah Bun–Hartebeest; We sight a large lion—Sitting up at night for lions—Lost in the jungle—Lost again—Oryx antelope—Fight in camp—Tracks of lions—Reports of leopards—Night adventure with a leopard; Native tomasho—Sick list—Three lions seen—A crowd of natives-I shoot a leopard—Curious roots—Camels; Gazelle shooting—Headman’s excuses for not marching—Troublesome followers—More grievances—Glimpse of a lioness—Camel killed by a lion; Tracking a rhinoceros—Zebra seen—I shoot an ‘ owl’ for the pot— Grevy’s zebra—Curious moon effect—I shoot a spotted hyaena— Abundance of game—Exciting ride after a leopard—Attack of fever; Tracks of elephants—Charged by a rhinoceros—Shikari wounded— Ostriches—Rhinoceros tracks—A phantom ‘ rhino’; Large ‘ rhino’ shot—Down a precipice after koodoo—The Webbi Shebeyli—Tracks of elephants—Abundance of insect life—Nest of bees; Long crawl after oryx—Return of caravan from Berbera—Abundance of game—Somali method of hunting elephants—Abyssinian xareba—First encounter with Abyssinians—Fight with Midgans —Camp at Jiggiga—Huge herds of game—Shooting hartebeest; Fighting for meat—In the Abyssinian zareba—Elephants reported —Row in camp—We reach Hargaisa again—Forced marches through the desert—Arrival at the coast.

PART II. SECOND EXPEDITION.; Berbera again—Up the Girato Pass—Wart hogs—Curious caterpillar —Game on the Bun Arori—A great disappointment—Abundance of game—Tracking a lion; Sitting up at night for a lion—Shooting on the Bun Toyo—Fight in camp—A sleepless night in a zareba—We sight a fine lion—We encounter natives armed with rifles—Tracking a leopard—A baby rhinoceros—Reports of lions—Firing the bush for a lion; Fever—A big fight—A daring lion—Charged by a lion—Death of a leopard—Three lions reported—Troublesome natives; Thieving natives—We march against a village—Looking for elephants —A prisoner in camp—A false alarm- We reach Joh—A plague of bees; Crowd of threatening natives—Across the waterless desert—We lose the road—A race against death—Saved in the nick of time— We inn short of provisions—Lesser koodoo; Effects of rain—Death of a lesser koodoo—Jungle folk—News from the coast—The Dumberelli Plain— Waller’s gazelle shot—Across the waterless Haud—Gazelle—Death of a leopard; Upper Sheik—Koodoo—A young caracal caught—We reach Berbera; Trapping and collecting in Somaliland; Glossary of useful Somali words and phrases; The spoor of big game. APPENDIX; INDEX