[WINGATE] MOSLEY Gideon Goes to War

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The Story of Major-General, ORDE C. WINGATE D.S.O. and Two Bars by LEONARD MOSLEY.

One of the most fascinating military figures of the last war was Major-General Orde C. Wingate, who died in an air-crash in Burma in 1944 just after the successful launching of his Chindit campaign.

Win gate’s career was both chequered and distinguished. He won his first D.S.O. operating against the Arabs in Palestine in 1936-39 but was subsequently sent home because his activities on behalf of the Jews had become embarrassing to the British authorities.

He won the first bar to his D.S.O. in Ethiopia where, commanding a force of 150 British officers and N.C.O.s, aided by Sudanese troops and patriot levies, he took Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, back to his throne in Addis Ababa—and captured 15,000 Italian troops on the way. His reward for this brilliant achievement was to be put on the shelf.

Thousands of British troops remember and admire him for his Burma campaigns, and for the Chindit operation which he commanded but did not live to see fight its way to success.

He was a religious zealot and his great ambition, though he was Scots by birth, was to lead the Jews to independence. He was inordinately ambitious. He was a fascinating talker. He could be charming and alarming, a man of wide vision, utterly fearless yet capable of moods of the deepest depression. Leonard Mosley knew him and was with him during many vital moments of his career, and has been studying his background ever since.

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Orde Wingate commande la Force Gidéon qui restaure Hailé Sélassié sur son trône. En octobre 1940, à l’appel de Wavell, il quitte la Palestine et e rend à Khartoum. Le 20 novembre, il effectue un vol audacieux vers le Gojjam et y rencontre Sandford. A son retour, il se rend au Caire et fait appel à d’anciennes connaissances : Anthony Simonds et Abraham Akavia. Ils quitteront le commandant de la Force Gédéon que lorsqu’il sera contraint de quitter l’Ethiopie sans participer aux réjouissances organisées par l’Empereur. Au Caire, Wingate tente de mettre fin à ses jours. Akavia arrive trop tard mais reste à son chevet jusqu’à son départ en Extrême-Orient.

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